Wethinkcode – tuition free coding school in south africa

We are glad to present one of the few opportunities to learn real coding for free in south africa. In this article we will discuss about how wethinkcode works, how to signup for wethink code and the test you have to take to qualify.

What is wethinkcode

Wethinkcode is a tuition free coding/programming school in south africa, wethinkcode has campuses in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Free tuition means you will not pay for anything while you are studying, however student outside south africa will have to cater for their visa permits.

This tuition free coding school is been made possible through sponsorship from companies such as Standard Bank, Investec, FNB, Dimension Data, Telkom and Outsurance.

How does wethinkcode works

Basically you signup for wethinkcode through their website here, complete your online test which test your abilities to solve problems and when you qualify you are picked for a one month coding bootcamp. After the one month the team will decide who stays and who leaves.

Things to note :

  1. Wethinkcode admits individuals who fall under the age bracket between 17-35 years.
  2. After application you will have to complete a test online, if you don’t have a computer you can go to one of their campuses to take the test .
  3. When you pass the test you will be invited for a one month bootcamp.
  4. After the bootcamp if your performance is impressive you will be admitted to study software engineering/coding for two years for free.
  5. Wethinkcode has no teachers, students are given task to accomplish in teams.
  6. Luckily you dont need a matric to get into wethinkcode.

How to signup or signin to wethinkcode

To signup for wethinkcode visit –> https://apply.wethinkcode.co.za/users/sign_up

To sign into your account click here –> https://apply.wethinkcode.co.za/users/sign_in

wethinkcode test ? what is it

Just as i wrote earlier wethinkcode want people who are really interested in learning coding, if you are really interested you will have a fair idea about it. The test is to prove your interest in learning software engineering/coding and also your ability to solve problems.


If you are really serious about learning software engineering/coding in south africa then i think you should take this free opportunity wethinkcode is giving. Good software engineers/coders are in demand in south africa meanwhile there is an acute shortage of qualified coders so take action now. Thanks for reading please share.

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