Top 10 medical schools in south africa

I remember when i used to dream about been a medical doctor in my childhood days, doctors where viewed as respected, very intellegent and often rich people in the society and every parents dream was to see their child attain that dream.

Of course not every one was born to be  a doctor, honestly i would not be able to count wrong the number of wrong injections i would have administered by now if i became a medical doctor. Am happy been in the tech business specifically in the software development business but i know some of you have genuine passion for the medical filled and wondering which medical school in south africa to enroll in, we will make tha process easy by lising the top 10 medical schools in south africa.

How we came about this list…

There are lots of bogus websites writing on top 10 this and that simply by listing them without any concrete evidence to support those claims, below are some factors we considered when compiling the list:

  1. Age of medical school ; the longer the school has been in existence the better we believe it is , well not neccsarily
  2. School ranking.

We will use the above two factors to compile a list of 10 top medical schools in south africa, lets begin please.

10 ten medical schools in south africa

1.University of cape town

The first on our list is the university of cape town which happens to be the oldest university in south africa, established on 1829. University of cape town commonly referred to as UCT has the highest university ranking in south africa been 200th on the world ranking

UCT medical courses

Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery
Medicine and Surgery

Bachelor of Science in Audiology

Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy

Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy

Bachelor of Science in Speech-Language Pathology
Speech-Language Pathology
Higher Certificate in Disability Practice
Advanced Diploma in Cosmetic Formulation Science

For uct medical school admission requirement, fees and prospectus download their handbook here

Apply for admission at wits here

2. University of the Witwatersrand

Wits is also one of the oldest universities in south africa dating back to 1896, the first campus of wits university was established in kimberley then later the main campus was transferred to johannesburg.

Wits is ranked at 381st in top universities in the world

Medical/health science schools/ courses at wits

school of public health
school of Therapeutic Sciences
school of Anatomical Science
school of clinical medicine
school of oral health Sciences
school of Pathology
school of Physiology

3.  University or Pretoria

University of pretoria is one of the top universities and oldest universities in south africa dating back to 10 February 1908.

University of Pretoria was not always called university of pretoria in fact  it was called “Transvaal Universiteitskollege” (T.U.K.) or the Transvaal University College before the name change.

University of pretoria is currently ranked between 561-570.

Medical/health science courses at University of Pretoria

Programme Duration
BChD – Bachelor of Dental Surgery 5 years
BOH – Bachelor of Oral Hygiene 3 years
BDietetics – Bachelor of Dietetics 4 years
BNurs – Bachelor of Nursing Science 4 years
BOT – Bachelor of Occupational Therapy 4 years
BPhysio – Bachelor of Physiotherapy 4 years
BRad – Bachelor of Radiography 3 years
BCMP – Bachelor of Clinical Medical Practice 3 years
MBChB – Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery 6 years
BSportSci – Bachelor of Sports Science 3 years
HCert (Sports Science) – Higher Certificate in Sports Science

Focus areas (choose one):
* Sports Coaching
* Education

1 year


4.Stellenbosch University



5. University of johannesburg

6.University of KwaZulu-Natal

7. Rhodes University

8. University of the Western Cape

9. North-West University

10. University of the Free State

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