Learn coding online in south africa

Lots of jobs in south africa are going digital and in the next 10 years lots of jobs will be automated this means the demand for software developers popularly known as coders will soar high. Learning coding will prepare you for the future and so we will learn the best resources to learn coding in south africa.

What is coding?

Coding is basically the process of using a programming language to instruct a computer to behave in a certain way. Just as there is english or Afrikaan language there are also languages the computer understand such as html which is used in making website like the one you are reading now.

Common misconceptions and myths about coding/programming?

A lot of people i talk to even my friends have misconceptions about coding, we will discuss few of them.

  1. I have to be a math genius to be able to program : this is often the reason people are afraid to learn programming because most people are bad at maths. Programming has very little to do with maths, even though having a good understanding about maths is good you will probably be using basic maths principles such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and modulus.
  2. I need an expensive computer to learn programming : Some people think you need a $2,000 macbook pro to start learning programming , NO!, you need a basic computer or smartphone or even a tablet to begin learning. You don’t have to go broke to learn programming start with what you have.
  3. Programming is difficult: Everything can be difficult or easy depending on how you approach it. If you approach a task with a failure mindset you will fail if you do it with a perseverance mindset you will succeed even when you fail many times.
  4. There are not many job opportunity for programmers: That is not true, in fact when you look at the trend most jobs are going digital. Programmers/coders are needed in every industry and field, from banking to healthcare you will see software engineers in action.

Now that we have dealt with the common misconceptions let talk about how you can become a coder/programmer in south africa.

How to learn programming in south africa.

We will look at two options when it comes to learning coding in south africa, online and offline option. When it comes to learning coding the number one approach is learning by doing projects. Lots of people learn coding yet cant complete any task with it, remember the goal for learning coding is to be able to create something with it.

Project based learning is the sure way to learn how to code, also make sure you start from the basics. You can start learning HTML and then look at how to create webpages with html then continue with CSS to styles it and add some interactions to it by adding javascript.

Online coding schools

There are lots of resources for learning coding online, some free and some others also paid. My advise is start with free online tutorials to learn the basics and build a desire to learn coding, follow and finish as many coding projects as possible

Best free online coding website

1. BitDegree

2. Code Academy

3. MIT Open Courseware

4. Free Code Camp

5. Codewars

6. Dash General Assembly

7. Code Conquest

8. Code.org

9. edX

10. Web Fundamentals by Google

11. Youtube.com – just search for any programming language tutorials ( start by searching for html tutorials) and you will find tons of videos available.

For the paid website for leaning coding you can try these ones

1. Code School

2. Code Avengers

3. Khan Academy

4. Coursera

5. Upskill

6. Udemy

Offline coding/ Learning coding through coding schools.

Its always better to have someone teach you, learning to code by yourself can be tough and intimidating. Below are some of the best coding schools in south africa

Wethink code has proven to be one of the best on the list of best coding schools in south africa.


Remember it takes a lot of discipline and dedication to learn coding, don’t give up when it becomes tough.

Also remember the goal for learning coding is to create something, complete as many projects as possible. Work on personal projects every week, it doesn’t have to be a big project it can be a simple web page that displays your name, and stick to it till you finish. Thank you.


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